Some caves equipped with IC resin anchors.

This page shows the first few caves to have IC anchors installed between 2015 and 2017. Now in 2019 more caves have IC anchors. This page will not be updated and will be removed at some point. All the topos and descriptions are now on the CNCC website.
  • Boxhead Pot - Leck Fell, Lancashire.
  • Bull Pot - Kingsdale.
  • Gingling Hole - Fountains Fell, North Yorkshire.
  • It's a Cracker - Leck Fell, Lancashire.
  • Langcliffe & Oddmire Pots - Wharfedale, North Yorkshire.
  • Long Drop Cave - Leck Fell, Lancashire.
  • Rift Pot - The Allotment, Ingleborough, North Yorkshire.

The topos are intended for printing at A4 and I suggest printing on waterproof paper.such as Toughprint. (other waterproof papers are available).
                                   Click on the thumbnails below for free downloadable topo guides in PDF format.

Boxhead Pot

This new topo guide for Boxhead Pot shows new anchors which make it safer in wet weather and provide a more efficient route. There is a topo for Boxhead and a topo of both Boxhead and It's a Cracker.
Click here to see the cave location on a map.


Bull Pot, Kingsdale.

One of the most popular vertical potholes in the Dales.

Gingling Hole

One of the great classic challenges of northern potholing. The map will also show you the location of Rainscar House where cavers should make a courtesy call.     
Click here to see the cave location on a map.

It's a Cracker

It's a Cracker is close to Boxhead Pot on Leck Fell. It was discovered in 2010 and opened to the surface in 2012. It connects with Boxhead Pot and Lost Johns Cave.
Click here to see the cave location on a map.

Langcliffe & Oddmire Pots

The best guide to Langcliffe Pot is in Not for the Faint-Hearted. This is a topo for the entrance pitches only which are both equipped with resin anchors. Nemesis Pitch has not yet been equipped with resin anchors.                                                                                                                                                        Click here to see the cave location on a map.

Long Drop Cave

Long Drop is a little classic safe in all weather. It has always been popular with beginners. It's not ideal for instructing novices in SRT because the pitch heads are slightly constricted but it would be perfect for someone gaining confidence to lead their first SRT trip.         Click here to see the cave location on a map.

Rift Pot

Rift Pot on Ingleborough takes no significant stream so it is a safe cave in wet weather. An exchange trip with Long Kin East is popular but Long Kin East quickly becomes impassable in wet weather.                     Click here to see the cave location on a map.


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